Who is Pushparaj Jain? How Pushparaj Earned So Much Money?

Who is Pushparaj Jain? How Pushparaj Earned So Much Money?

A week earlier, the Income Tax Department was conducting a raid in search for P. Jain. The raid was successful and it collected Rs. 257 million cash, 250kg silver, and 25kg of gold. However, a few days after it was reported the Income Tax Officials raid in Piyush Jain house instead of Pushparaj Jain house. Since both individuals have a similar surname and their name starts with 'P', the officials got confused. This unfolded a totally different story.

Now, everyone knows about Piyush Jain but few people know Pushparaj Jain. Know who is Pushparaj Jain and how he is linked with the Akhilesh Yadav party, Samajwadi Party.

Who is Pushparaj Jain?

Pushparaj Jain or Pumpi Jain is a Kannauj based businessman and a politician who owns a cold storage unit and gas pump.

As per the source, he is very close to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav whom did he made a perfume called ‘Samajwadi Attar’ Pushparaj Jain became MLC in 2016 from Etawah-Farrukhabad.

He is also the co-owner of Pragati Aroma Oil Distillers Private Limited. Furthermore, he owns a house and office in Mumbai that lets him deal with the export of perfume to 12 countries. In the Mumbai office, he works along with his 2 brothers.

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Pushparaj Raj Income Source

As per the election affidavit in 2016, the 60-year-old businessman owns movable assets that cost Rs.37.15 million & real estate that costs Rs.10.10 million.

Apart from the perfume business, he earns from his petrol pump and cold storage business.

What Akhilesh Yadav Said?

Akhilesh Yadav denied any connection with Pushparaj Jain. However, he claimed ‘this time BJP raid his businessman by mistake.’ Further, he says ‘wrong Jain’ got raided by central authorities.

Since Piyush Jain and Pushparaj Jain own a similar business and come from the same neighborhood, officials are trying to make a connection between the two.

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